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Welcome to Respirart

A holistic perspective on yoga, meditation, arts and ecology.

Yoga Breathing Workshops

Yoga breathing (pranayama) is a safe and natural way to positively affect our autonomic nervous system. Learn how to use the power of your breath to boost energy, balance your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and fall asleep quickly.

Pranayama has been practiced for thousands of years, and this modern approach makes the practice accessible to everyone. 

Interested in attending or hosting a yoga breathing workshop? We teach a 1-hour weekly workshop for four consecutive weeks to yoga studios, organizations, and corporate. Private clients: 1 on 1 session (30 min). We also offer a 1-hour single workshop for conferences and special events.

Feel free to scroll down to view our yoga programs and to contact us for more details!!


Our Yoga Programs We develop, plan and customize online and in-person yoga classes and workshops to organizations, as well as coordinate private classes to groups at their locations. Our areas of specializations are:

We also develop special yoga programs to retirement homes and community organizations.


We at Respirart are aimed at creating that special inviting atmosphere for people to live fully the present moment, be happy and live in good health.

Led by Giovana Bervian, yoga instructor, PhD biologist and musician, Respirart is about developing a healthy, meaningful and creative life to people. It is about making a difference by simple and profound details expressed by life in and around us, constantly reminding us to live here and now fully.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our customized yoga classes, yoga breathing workshops (pranayama), and special holistic programs. We will be happy to help you through your yoga journey!

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Yoga and Music

For us, music is an art form with a strong connection to the very essence of all human beings, thus projecting a correlation to the transcendental purpose of yoga. Music has an immaterial expressive component that permeates and connects people all over the world, regardless of regionalisms and national borders. And so does yoga.
We at Respirart dedicate special attention to music in its vast manifestations. Natural rhythms, silence, sounds, mantras, chords and melodies are integral part of our yoga studies and practice.

To learn more about the work of Giovana Bervian and Julio Munhoz in music, please visit:

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