Stay in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) like a penguin!

Taking time to contemplate nature is fascinating… There is so much to learn from Mother Nature by just observing its subtle details!

The other day, when visiting the Calgary zoo, penguins called my attention for their standing posture … and that’s when I thought to myself: what a perfect Tadasana!

If you are not yet familiar with yoga, ‘Mountain Pose’ (‘Tadasana’ in Sanskrit) is a foundational yoga pose for all standing poses and inversions. It teaches us how to stand up with the same firmness and serenity of a mountain.

How we distribute our body weight on our feet is key to the overall body posture and balance. Tadasana strengthens and tones the entire body and keeps the mind alert, helping to increase balance.

Keeping your body active and aligned is not that easy, though. Be aware of your entire body, and don’t forget to pay attention to the way you breathe!

Next time you visit the zoo, learn to stay in ‘Tadasana’ by just observing the lovely penguins!