Yoga is more than just body postures

Text by Julio Munhoz

When people think about yoga, a few well-known postures (asanas) immediately come to mind. They think on the positive benefits of stretching the body, and also associate such postures to some notion of meditation.

Well, actually yoga is way more than only postures and meditation. It is a complete philosophical system, having the human being in its core. It invites us to look inside of ourselves for wisdom and understanding, and at the same time indicates that the external world is a balanced creation.

In its teachings, yoga constantly reminds us that inner peace depends only on the person, and not on external factors.

Therefore, the ‘asanas’ are only a portion of the yoga philosophy. The physical postures are important, and become integral when combined with meditation, coherence in our daily actions, desire to develop compassion and understanding, and determination to be happy.

Happiness is central to yoga, as the philosophy assumes that we are destined to be happy beings, and therefore do not need to suffer to make progresses as individuals.

We from Respirart would like to see all of you practicing yoga and meditation, no matter if with us or with other capable instructors. And when you do decide to start, persist on it, as only time brings true wisdom, enlightenment and good health.