Wake-up in a rainbow – A Cor Dar

Text by Julio Munhoz, introducing the A COR DAR Album

Wake-up in a rainbow – A Cor Dar: the fire of music flowing through colours, dance and peace!

To wake-up in a rainbow is to be aware of worldly things and be open to subtle essences, connecting dreams to the movement of the oceans constantly reaching continents and shining stars.

Nearby echoes a strong voice entrenched in words, chanting ideas and love, weaving places and time with the present moment. This deep echo gathers people, resonates travels and colours, and navigates routes as beautifully as the wind and sail dance together.

Then the soft wave, which originated afar in the water where the boat crosses the rainbow, touches the rocks and awakes all its surroundings.

The synergy of our lives reverberate on the boat bow and tunes the fibres of our hearts, shaking passionate chords and melodies as one walks on the beach at night under rhythmic thunder lights.

As dark as it gets on a summer night, the happy dancing feet loosely strike drums while stepping on warm sands, curious childlike feet avid to get into the unknown…

A Cor Dar also means to share all the colours, in the same way as we sincerely share our notes and pulses with you all.

In our humble forest of sounds, we invite you to observe stars constantly changing in the skies. After you enjoy comets and bright planets, let your imagination roll through plants and its beautiful flowers counterbalanced with roots of all sizes and shapes underneath the rich soil of our unique planet Earth.

Singing colours and vivid flowers: within our imaginary forest, our tribes live in harmony launching arrows charged with love, planting trust and spreading smiles in all directions.

Ideas, many breathings and hope: music is in the air!